Is It Really Possible to Test For Cancer?


Its been a year and a half approximately since my Dad’s detection of cancer , and surgery. Right from that time its been kind of rollercoaster in life . Even  though he wasnt under Chemotherapy , it been kind of  dilemma when he goes for post surgery Check ups.

Cancer is such a difficult disease to live with , there is not a single day in life when you can relax  after you have been detected with Cancer.

Whenever my dad goes to doctor for followup , there are many things that run in my mind . The biggest confusion lies in terms of testing , which test to get it done.

If a doctor prescribes Ultra sound , people tell why CT scan is not been done , if CT scan is done i get advice to get PET Scan done , I also hear advice to get other parts of the body tested for new cells/tumour growth. 

That brings to my mind a question Can Cancer really be tested and detected. If so does the new  testing systems, which have been developed do they really improve our chances of finding the disease early?.

Whats the opinion of you people is it worth to think every day in life about  the vicious circle of what to test , when to test , or is it better to follow doctors advice and live in a positive frame of mind?

Is Cancer testing really a revolution ?

Has cancer survival rate really increased ? if so why is that 90  % of people whom i know detected for cancer the doctor made the same statement “Cells have spread in the body and nothing much can be done except chemotherapy”

Why is nutritional information not given to patients with high importance?

I would love to hear all of your taught’s  on the questions running in my mind.

I would venture out into the world of cancer testing and post some posts regarding cancer testing in the days to come.


Anti Cancer Food 12:Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges ,grapefruit, lemons contains a large amount of anti inflammatory flavonoids. 

They contain a large amounts of vitamin C ,fiber, minerals and  phytochemicals.

 The best part in citrus fruits is that apart from the fruit the peel also has large nutritional values.

 Citrus fruit is known to simulate the detoxification of carcinogenic by the liver. 

  Citrus fruit are said to help fight almost all cancers .

  I have found a wonderful e-book which talks in details about citrus fruits , hope everyone reads it and finds the information useful


  It is a good idea to use citrus fruits peel for salad dressing and breakfast cereals. Peel can aslo be steeped in tea and water.

My Friend Quit Smoking – Importance of Arguing with Ourself

Each one of us are caught up in some kind of argument with one another. Be it on road, in office or in home. However there is one person we never argue with and always seem to agree with .

That Person is ourselves.

The strongest reason for us to argue with ourselves is that we may have beliefs that are limiting  us from achieving what we are capable of .

We know that smoking is one of the main causes of lung cancer in human beings.

One of my friends told me that he quit smoking with a lot of determination and also used a quiet surprising method , he argued with himself whenever he felt like smoking.

He used to argue with himself  that smoking spoils one health and by holding cigarette in his hands he is spoiling his own health.

He used to argue about the money he could save when Quit smoking.

He used to argue about doing something else useful when ever he felt like smoking.

By arguing with himself the Cons of smoking . he started to reduce the number of cigarettes he used to have per day . Now he has ended up smoking and is extremely happy person.

I guess by arguing with himself he re programmed his brain to lessen the feeling of wanting to smoke.

So how do you want your lungs to look like left one or the right one ?

AntiCancer Food 11:Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant has been too known to help support our health. Many yoga experts in India swear by it.

Aloe Vera Gel which is obtained from the leaves of aloe Vera is used to make juice.

The benefit of the Aloe Vera plant is derived from the 20 Amino Acid it contains.Aloe Vera can easily be grown as a house plant (as it is easy to maintain ). 

Aloe Vera juice is said to improve our immune system , as it contains a large number of essential minerals and amino acids.

Aloe Vera Gel has strong anti tumour properties  which help our body in combating Cancer.

Aloe Vera juice is something which everyone should consider as part of their diet , it is easy to grow in-house and can act has a wonderful medicinal herb produced by nature

Some of the other benefits of aloe vera are:

1.Aloe vera Gel is extremely good for skin

2.Helps to stabilize Blood sugar

3.Help to reduce inflammation

4.Helps to cure ulcer’s

5.Helps reduce Acid reflux disease

6.Heals radiation burns which are part of anti cancer treatments

7. Heals Burns , Cuts and Wounds

With so many benefits, we have to blame ourselves for not using the herb.

What is Cancer -Beautiful Explantion from Dr Gilbert Welch


Dr Gilbert Welch gives a beautiful explanation of cancer –

“Cancer is a dynamic process that might proceed in different ways . You might envision the process as involving steps , beginning with a cell that has suffered some genetic damage. But the process may proceed at very different speeds and it might be even be stopped by the body immune system. So what pathologist call cancer in fact encompasses a broad range of entities that may evolve in different ways. Some may grow fast, others may grow slowly, some may even go away”

The most important thing to mention about the above definition is the importance he has given to our immune system , which could be the most crucial factor in our fight against cancer.

Anticancer Food 10:Garlic/Onion

Garlic is widely used medicinal herb in India. Garlic is called “Russian penicillin”,’it is good for almost any disease and infection.

During World War Garlic used to be wrapped in bandages to cure wounds, also when they was shortage of antibiotic , garlic was used as a substituents.

It is observed that garlic’s sulphur compound  promotes cell death in kidney,breast, prostrate cancers.It also help in leukaemia.

Also Garlic is widely believed to reduce blood sugar levels.

Garlic also helps in allergies and tonsilitis.

Other Numerous benefits of garlic is listed in the websites below:

AntiCancer Food 9 : Cruciform Vegetables


Cruciform Vegetables(Cabbages, cauliflower,broccoli) contain indo-3-Carbinols which are powerful anti cancer molecules. They seem to prevent tumor growth or tumour from occurring.

Dr Shivendra Singh  a biologist in university of Pittsburgh studied the impact of sulforaphane(a compound contained in cauliflower) on prostate cancer in mice. They made the following below discoveries:

Consumption of sulforaphane three times a week considerably increases the action of NK cells against tumours

cauliflower also strengthens the bones and also lower the chances of hip fractures.

With all the benefits whats stopping us from having a few servings of Cruciform vegetables With our meals daily?


More information about cruciform vegetables and its benefits can be obtained in the link below: